Link About It

Hello crisp sunny UWS morning
Cream-sickle gelato   (at Cull & Pistol)
Few better ways to break the fast  (at The Spotted Pig)
Who dat who devil?! (at Borgne)
Pregame dranks (at Borgne)
Little chilled soup from the chef (at Restaurant R’evolution)

2nd line (at The Carousel Bar & Lounge)

I lied. Bread pudding w salted caramel ice cream please. (at Cochon Butcher)
And for the finisher, Rabbit & Dumplings for days (at Cochon Butcher)
Sometimes pictures don’t say 1000 words - but these smoked ribs were delightful (at Cochon Butcher)
Good old fashion boucherie plate  (at Cochon Butcher)
And we’re off #oysters (at Cochon Butcher)
My favorite shrimp po-boy in the world (at Domilise’s Po-Boys)
Po-boy prep (at Domilise’s Po-Boys)

Percolate’s fantasy league is ready for kickoff tonight.